Conference Program, Monday, June 11th

Registration Desk is open from 7:00am–5:30pm


Continental Breakfast


Morning Keynote Speakers:

Jennifer M. Lincoln, U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Presentation slides).

Sandra Allnutt, International Marine Organization (IMO)


Concurrent Sessions:

Session 1A – Weather and Fishing Safety

Session 1B – Understanding Injury in the Fishing Sector

Session 1C – Quick Takes: Short Talks on a Variety of Topics

Session 1D – Medicine at Sea


Concurrent Sessions:

Session 2A – Evaluating the Effects of Fisheries Management Measures on Risk-taking and Safety in Commercial Fishing: Efforts by the National Marine Fisheries Service

Session 2B – Tracking Injury in the Fishing Sector: Trends and Opportunities

Session 2C – Regional Approaches to Aquaculture and Seafood Processing

Session 2D – What’s Working (and Not Working) in Fishing Safety? 




Concurrent Sessions:

Session 3A – Policy and Regulation: Best Practices and Initiating Change

Session 3B – Regional Approaches to Fishing Safety 1

Session 3C – Seafood Processing, Hazards and Interventions

Session 3D – Utilizing an Industry-Led Integrated Approach to Advancing Safety, and Reducing Injuries, Illness & Fatalities in Commercial Fishing


Concurrent Sessions:

Session 4A – Open Session

Session 4B – Commercial Fishing and Processing Health and Safety Surveillance Informing Intervention Development

Session 4C – Safety and Health in Aquaculture: Policy and Practice

Session 4D – Prevention of Chronic Injury and Illness


Afternoon Keynote Speakers:

Mohamed Jeebhay, School of Public Health and Family Medicine and Department of Medicine at University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa (Presentation slides).

Ingunn Marie Holmen, SINTEF Ocean and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (Presentation slides).


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