IFISH 6 Call for Abstracts and Sessions

The IFISH Planning Committee is pleased to call for abstracts and sessions for IFISH 6. Click on the buttons below to view the abstract and session proposal forms, or scroll down to read our full announcement.

The IFISH 6 conference will provide a rare opportunity for researchers, safety and health professionals, safety instructors, workers, industry experts, ergonomists, governmental/regulatory representatives, and other professionals from around the world to network, learn, and innovate. The conference will offer opportunities for individuals and organizations to showcase research, disseminate safety innovations and solutions, and develop new and effective partnerships. As with prior conferences, IFISH 6 will feature late-breaking science, innovations, and evidence-based solutions for protecting the health and safety of workers on fishing vessels, in seafood processing plants, and in aquaculture.

We are seeking session proposals and abstracts highlighting occupational safety and health in commercial fishing, seafood processing, and aquaculture/mariculture industries. Anticipated key themes for IFISH 6 will focus on successes and continued challenges associated with occupational health and safety. Special consideration will be given to submissions which address underserved populations including small-scale fisheries in South America, Asia, and Africa as well as promising occupational safety and health (OSH) interventions. Abstract and session proposals can range from global conventions to practical local interventions designed to improve safety. They will reflect the many changes that have taken place in the maritime industries over the past decade. These changes include changes in fishing industry regulations, fisheries management policies, fishing technologies related to safety, increasing risks due to economic pressures and a changing climate, as well as the exponential growth of aquaculture and seafood processing due to the world’s increased demand for aquatic foods. IFISH 6 is especially interested in submissions that address international fishing safety norms and standards, safety gear technologies, safety awareness, safe-vessel design, risk management and insurance, as well as the health of fishers, unique safety and health considerations for aquaculture, forced labor and human trafficking, and other emerging issues.

Submission of Abstracts

We are inviting individuals to submit abstracts for oral presentations and posters.

Submission of Session Proposals

We are interested in proposals for regular sessions (3-4 presentations on a given theme), panels (several short presentations on a given theme followed by discussion), roundtables (discussion sessions featuring short presentations by 3 or more speakers followed by audience participation) and workshops (guided sessions on a particular theme or issue led by one or two individuals).

Abstract and session descriptions can be submitted electronically until August 31, 2023.

Questions about submissions may be addressed by sending an e-mail to info@ifishconference.ca.

Hold the Date and Registration

Registration form, accommodation information, and conference program will be available beginning October 1, 2023. Final confirmation of registration will be issued by FAO upon acceptance of the proposal/poster.