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Thank you IFISH 5 applicants!

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The IFISH 5 Scientific Committee would like to thank everyone who submitted an abstract or session proposal for the conference. Thank you also to the many organizations and individuals who helped spread the word about this important event. The response from health and safety researchers, trainers, and organizations from around the world has been absolutely overwhelming!

We will be contacting lead authors via email by January 15th, 2018, when registration opens. In the meantime, keep checking back for some exciting developments we will be sharing in the next few weeks!

SAVE THE DATE, JUNE 10-13, 2018

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The IFISH 5 conference will offer researchers, safety and health professionals, instructors, workers and industry experts, ergonomists, governmental and regulatory representatives, and other professionals the opportunity to attend workshops, presentations, and poster sessions that feature new occupational health and safety research findings and innovations. Keynote speakers will provide an overview of advances in the field and priorities for the future, and they will highlight success stories in research, training, and industry collaboration.  In the evenings and between scheduled presentations and workshops, attendees will have a chance to network with organizations and individuals attending the conference.

Key themes for IFISH5 will include topics on safety and health in commercial fishing as well as occupational health and safety issues related to aquaculture and seafood processing.  We anticipate that the agenda will include occupational safety and health studies highlighting collaboration with industry, evaluations of interventions, improvements to protective gear such as personal flotation devices, fisheries management and safety relationships, and the economic impacts of occupational safety and health.